100% real carbonfibre processed by the artist

Updates & events

July 12th... I’m back from Goodwood and have started painting again. Slowly unpacking and updating the website with the fabulous images from photographer Steve Green. Steve managed to figure out a custom set up especially for the artwork that captures so much of the detail in the paintings and that beautiful carbonfibre without getting all that glare from the super high gloss serface.

July 3rd...I will be at Goodwood festival of speed from the 4th July to 7th July 2019.

I will be taking lots of new work, some fave mini’s and a few surprises.

Check my Instagram for live updates and news. If there is anything left from the festival I will first post to Instagram and then upload to the website.  

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend to orders via the website during this time but I’ll be straight on it when I get back Monday morning. 

Please email or DM me on Instagram @carbonfibreart if I can help with anything or if there is something custom you have in mind.

See you at Goodwood :D